Good Stewardship Related Media Coverage

“Too many tests? Routine checks getting second look,”
Associated Press (1/23/2012)

“Leading Physician Organizations Join Forces to Identify and Act on Ways to Reduce Inappropriate Use in Health Care System,”
PR Newswire (12/14/2011)

“Choosing Wisely’ campaign launched,”
Marilyn Mann’s Blog (12/14/2011)

“What Will End the Era of the Blockbuster Drug?”
Time (12/13/2011)

“The Case For A ‘Check In’ Instead Of A Checkup,”
NPR (11/1/2011)

“Doctors estimate $6.8 billion in unnecessary medical tests,”
Washington Post (10/31/2011)

“Top 5 Unnecessary Health-Care Costs,”
Wall Street Journal Blog (10/4/2011)

“New Grants Address Issues of Resource Use in Health Care System:
ABIM Foundation Supports Medical Professionalism Projects In Diverse Health Care Settings,”
PR Leap (9/21/2011)

“Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Receives New Grant to
Address Issues of Resource Use in Health Care System,”
Baltimore CitybizList (9/21/2011)

“Cutbacks can be targeted to lessen the pain,”
Irish Times (7/12/2011)

“Ask Dr. Hallberg: The 5 routine procedures for doctors to avoid,”
MPR News (6/9/2011)

“Awareness: Top 5 Don’ts for Doctors in Primary Care,”
New York Times (6/3/2011)

“Stirrings of sanity on health-care spending,” (6/1/2011)

“Leave Well Enough Alone,”
National Center for Policy Analysis (5/26/2011)

“The Top 5 Ways to Improve Primary Care (and Reduce Costs…),”
Taking Note: A Century Foundation Group Blog (5/26/2011)

“Some CT Doctors Urge Passage of SustiNet,”
Public News Service (5/25/2011)

“Advice from Doctors: Top 5 Ways to Lower Costs and Improve Care,”
Time (5/24/2011)

“Doctors group targets unnecessary screenings,”
WHYY newsWorks (5/24/2011)

“7 tests and treatments docs say you often don’t need,”
Consumer Reports (5/24/2011)

“Ways for Your Doctor to Lower Your Healthcare Cost,”
CBS 8 News Montgomery, AL (5/24/2011)

“Doctors prescribe fewer tests for better care,”
Reuters (5/23/2011)

“How to Improve Medical Care? Doctors’ Group Counts the Ways,”
PBS NewsHour (5/23/2011)

“Physicians’ Group Releases Top Five Recommendations for Improving Primary Care,”
Science Daily (5/23/2011)

“Experts Issue ‘Top 5′ List for Better Primary Care,”
U.S. News (5/23/2011)

“Top 5 list helps primary care doctors make wiser clinical decisions,”
EurekAlert! (5/23/2011)

“Reader Consult: Are These The Top 5 Ways To Improve Primary Care?”
The Wall Street Journal Health Blog (5/23/2011)

“The Top 5: Better Care for Less Health Care $,”
SFGate City Brights Blog (5/23/2011)