So you want to start an NPA Local Action Network…

First, congratulations!  You are taking an exciting step toward organizing a group of like-minded physicians who can work together on behalf of patients, the health of the communities you serve, and physician professionalism.  You are also developing a network of colleagues who can support each other in this work.  Together, yours can be a powerful voice to argue for change.  What follows is intended to start you off and make the process easier, but always remember that the national organization is here to help you along the way.

The National Physicians Alliance and its Local Action Networks

The NPA’s Local Action Networks (LANs) are critical partners in the work of the national organization.  Some LANs work on issues championed by NPA on the national level, while others focus on more specific local issues that are consonant with the NPA mission.  This unique model allows NPA to partner with groups of physicians who are interested in our vision and could benefit from the organizational resources of the NPA. LANs, in turn, help to enhance the mission of the NPA by focusing on specific issues about which their members feel passionate and by expanding the network of physicians who find their professional home at the NPA.

Step-By-Step Guide

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