Policy Statements and Issue Briefs

Policy Statements

Statement on IOM Recommended GME Reform (Sept 2014)

Values and Value in Health Care (July 2014)

Support for Taxes on Soda and Sugary Drinks (August 2013)

Support of Comprehensive Health Workforce Reform to Improve Access, Quality, and Cost-Effectiveness of Healthcare (July 2013)

Protecting Free Speech between Patients and Physicians
(Feb 2013)

Gun Violence – A Public Health Issue
(Feb 2013)

Physicians Must Lead the Way to a High-Value Health System in the United States
(June 2012)

Women’s Access to Health Services
(May 2012)

Determination of Essential Health Benefits
(February 2012)

Principles for Reform or Replacement of the Relative Values Scale Update Committee (RUC)
(February 2012)

NPA’s “Nutritious Hospitals” Recommendations (November 2011)

Policy Statement in Support of Robust State-Level Health Insurance Exchanges
(August 2011)

Issue Briefs

Achieving Guaranteed, Quality, Affordable Health Care for All (August 2008)

The Sale of Physician Prescribing Data Raises Health Care Costs–NPA Call for a Ban (Sept. 2007)

Health Savings Accounts Harm Patients’ Health (Sept. 2007)

Reforming Malpractice, Promoting Safety (July 2007)

Eliminating Health Disparities: Improving Global Access to Health Care (July 2007)

Restoring Integrity and Trust in Medicine (June 2006)