NPA in the News – 2007

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  • “Doctor Combats Pull of Drug Reps” St. Petersburg Times (12/27/07)
  • “Dr. Drug Rep,” NYT Magazine (11/25/07)
  • Profile of Lydia Vaias , NPA Board President, in the alumni magazine of Temple University School of Medicine (Fall 07)
  • “Groups Back Physician Gift Disclosure Measure,” Congressional Quarterly HealthBeat (10/23/07)
  • “Putting a Stop to Pharmaceutical Datamining,” op-ed in Lewiston (Maine) Sun Journal (9/30/07)
  • “Improving Health Care or Invading Privacy?” & Laconia (NH) Citizen (9/30/07)
  • “States Move to Close Drug Data Mining,” NPR Marketplace (10/2/07)
  • “Physicians Should Opt-Out,” Bangor Daily News (9/13/07)
  • ReachMD, XM Satellite Radio
  • “Opinion Piece Criticizes Sale of Physician Prescribing Data,” Kaiser Family Foundation (7/26/07)
  • “Drug Industry Mines Physicians’ Data to Boost Sales,” NPR Morning Edition (6/26/07)
  • “Prescription Mining Raises Millions for Doctors’ Group,” San Francisco Chronicle (7/25/07)
  • “AMA Faces Storm on Data Sales,” Chicago Tribune (6/24/07)
  • “Law Targets Drug Marketing Practices” Hudson Valley Business News (6/12/07)
  • “Controversy erupts over pharmaceutical marketing policies,” Dental Tribune
  • FDA Week- coverage regarding New Hampshire ruling on prescription data mining
  • “Doctors, Lawmakers Resist Drugmakers’ Prying Eyes,” Washington Post (5/22/07) A01
  • Editorial voicing the NPA’s support of a bill before the Maine legislature: LD 838, An Act Protecting the Confidentiality of Prescription Information  (4/13/07, Kennebec Journal)
  • “As drug companies push their pills over TV, some are asking: Is that good for your health?” Columbia News Service (4/1/08)
  • Maine Public Radio (3/27/07) interview with NPA Campaign leader Ben Schaefer on the NPA’s support of a prescription privacy bill pending in the Maine legislature
  • “Prescription for Conflict” (3/17/07, Journal News)
  • “Healthcare Activists Call on Congress to Fund War on AIDS”, Medical News Today (3/13/07)
  • op-ed by Sen. Voinovich (R-OH) cited the NPA’s support of the Health Partnership Act (3/3/07, Chillico Gazette)
  • “No Free Lunch,” Pitt Medicine profile of NPA board member Dave Evans whose practice refuses gifts, visits, and samples from pharmaceutical detailers

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