We have acquired managedcaremag.com

We are proud to announce today that Managedcaremag.com has joined NPalliance.org. With this fussion, we, the National Physicians Alliance (NPA) now cover the entire healthcare field.

We will now be in an even better position to publish qualified, reviewed and verified medical reports. Written by real healthcare professionals.

Both companies are known as true experts in the healthcare field. Articles include guides on general health as well as reviews on a wide variety of products. With this association, we are now completely authorized to link products for weight loss as well as CBD products, with health benefits.

We, the Npalliance, are aware that by acquiring the Managed Care Mag, we are now considered an absolute authority in the overall health sector.

Through the acquisition, we also unite our number of visitors. Because we have the same target audience and solve the same problems, we now stand as the absolute leader in our industry.

Managed Care Mag shares the same core values as we do: An entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for healthy living, and a foundation built on decades of combined healthcare experience. We’re excited to welcome a team of 13 Persons and grow the Npalliance family even further.

We are proud to lead the way to becoming one of the largest “health portals” in the international space. Together, we offer unique content to help people from all over the world live a healthy life. We will also help solve existing problems in the long term.

Briefly history on Managed Care Mag

Managed Care Mag is for 26 years the leading voice in managed care. In-depth reports, original research, news, Q&A; featuring nationally respected healthcare experts and expert commentary on the latest developments in medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology as they relate to managed care.

Managed Care delivers high-interest full-length articles and shorter features on clinical and business aspects of the industry. Its editorial mission is to advise managed markets physicians, pharmacists, and executives on the integration of the business and medical aspects of the rapidly changing managed care market. Appropriate fact-checking and peer-review procedures assure the accuracy and relevance of editorial content.

Readers include managed care executives and other decision makers in HMOs, PPOs, TPAs, medical groups, integrated health care organizations, hospitals, and purchasing consortiums in the public and private sectors.

What topics will Npalliance.org be about now?

We will, of course, continue to stay true to the healthcare field. This is where our authority and our collective strength lies. By allying with Managed Care Mag, we will now be able to deliver significantly more content faster. The quality of our content will of course remain at the highest standards. We leave nothing to chance. Research and copywriting will continue to be done by absolute experts. Doctors and physicians with practical experience are among our renowned editors. Before publication, all content is proofread and double-checked. These are the new standards for which NPalliance will stand. Our work was already at the highest level, but with the takeover of Managed Car Mag we are raising the bar even higher.

In the following we would like to introduce some topics that we will pay special attention to. Among them are the following topics:

  • CBD
  • Health guide
  • General health advisor
  • Product recommendation and product reviews
  • Tips for improving health through dietary supplements
  • Optimal health care management model
  • Tips to save money on health care quality

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