Effective March 31, 2019, the National Physicians Alliance has merged with Doctors for America. Please visit drsforamerica.org to get involved with our ongoing work.

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NPA Merges with Doctors for America!

Learn about the historic merger of our two groups and how we're leading the fight for a more just health care system.

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National Physicians Alliance (NPA) is committed to advancing the medical profession’s core values through Service, Integrity, and Advocacy

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NPA has merged with Doctors for America -- please support our ongoing work by making a tax-deductible donation to DFA!

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Doctors for America (DFA) and the National Physicians Alliance (NPA) are excited to announce that they have joined forces to advocate for a more just health care system that achieves health equity and universal, affordable health care for all.

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Tell us your story, share a testimonial or submit a whistleblower report. Or show up to make your voice heard! Find local events and rallies. Visit your local representative’s office and let them know your concerns. Write a Letter to the Editor or post for the NPA Blog.



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RT @Drsforamerica: The first rule for doctors is to do no harm. But the Title X gag rule will do harm. Here's what we had to say: https://t
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RT @Drsforamerica: Big spending from AbbVie, Pfizer pushes pharma's 2018 ad spend to $6.5B https://t.co/eZAoXOYnR0
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RT @Drsforamerica: As a doctor in the ICU, I sometimes feel helpless. Poetry provides solace https://t.co/wOvx8LuYaj via @statnews
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RT @Drsforamerica: Americans Are Delaying Health Care Until Tax Refunds Arrive https://t.co/1Ka8x8bWrS via @BloombergQuint
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RT @Drsforamerica: "I’m sure [Pharma] hate[s] it, But look, they're not good actors. I mean, Big Pharma has gotten a sweetheart deal, they’…
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RT @commonwealthfnd: Other wealthy nations provide universal health coverage — see how eight countries differ in what public financing cove…
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