National Physicians Alliance Urges PA Legislators to Expand Medicaid

Contact: Becky Martin, Tel: 202-420-7896


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Washington DC—June 28, 2013

The National Physicians Alliance strongly urges Pennsylvania legislators to act quickly to approve the expansion of Medicaid using federal tax dollars.  Pennsylvania residents continue to suffer needless disability and early death from preventable causes due to lack of access to health care.  “In our current system, we require people to become so sick that they are no longer able to work before they are eligible for Medicaid.  This is a waste of human potential as well as tax dollars.  It is also a moral travesty when we allow our neighbors to suffer and die while the means to relieve their suffering are in our hands.  We can and must do better,” says NPA President Dr. Cheryl Bettigole.

Expanding Medicaid would allow state residents access to the preventive services they need to stay healthy and able to work and support their families.  It would decrease the percent of state residents without insurance from 13% to 5% while bringing net revenue into the state.  The physicians of the National Physicians Alliance ask our legislators to lead the way toward a healthier future for Pennsylvania by approving the Medicaid expansion.


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